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    Perkins Coie Excoriated By Daugherty Of The Justice Society On Attempt To Parachute Into GA Election Legality Case That Could Flip US Senate

    July 5, 2021
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    Daugherty's GA Legal Team Files Devastating Brief Against Activist Law Firm Perkins Coie
    Image by Tech Crunch

    We wrote in May about the infamous law firm Perkins Coie (PC) trying to parachute into Georga, again, in an attempt to stop the lawsuit that has the potential to turn the U.S. Senate red.  

    In his motion filed on May 5th, contestant Michael Daugherty of TheJusticeSociety.com cited three reasons why this should not happen.

    1. Attorneys in the PC firm are likely to be called as witnesses and asked to produce evidence in their possession concerning the reliability of Dominion election systems, thus creating an unavoidable conflict of interest...
    2. PC has threatened independent, third party service providers with criminal prosecution for participating in an ongoing civil investigation conducted by the Arizona State Senate...
    3. The Fifth Circuit recently sanctioned PC for burdening the court and opposing counsel in another election case...

    Daugherty went on to challenge the behavior of PC attorney Amanda Callais for her many additions (15 times) to cases in the Peach State.  

    You can read the motion to deny pro hac for PC on the tab below.

    The motion states, "The PC "Political Law" group is headed by Marc Elias, esq.  A fair estimate is that the Political Law group has entered its appearance in over 100 cases scattered throughout the country in the last (2) years.  The pro hac applicant here is Amanda R. Callais, a 7+ year PC attorney who is the junior partner among the seven (7) partners listed as PC's "Political Law group".  Since 2019, in a mere two (2) years, Ms. Callais was admitted pro hac vice fifteen (15) times in Georgia courts, four (4) of which have been before the Superior Court of Fulton County.  Now she is seeking her 16th pro hac vice appearance."

    Regarding the Maricopa County, AZ audit, the motion states, "PC, along with a group of two (2) Arizona law firms and a partisan political activist group, publicly sent a letter to the Arizona Senate's professional service providers, threatening potential criminal prosecution in executing the state senate's investigation...Threatening criminal prosecution to gain an advantage in a civil manner is contrary to the rules applicable to such situations."

    The motion concludes, "There is overwhelming factual evidence reflecting outrageous tactics, the blending of the worst of politics with the practice of law and unrepentant disregard for the rules of ethics and professional behavior."

    PC responded on May 18th with a motion to dismiss, stating, "...Mr. Daugherty's objections are based on misstatements and misunderstanding of the facts of those other cases and regarding the alleged contact of those other attorneys...the proceeding involves a highly specialized area of law and the potential consequences of the action are significant, not just for the individual U.S. Senator on whose behalf the undersigned seeks to appear, but also for millions of Georgia voters who cast their ballots in support of the Senator's election."

    You can read PC's response on the tab below.

    Daugherty's response was direct, filed on June 2nd.

    You can read it on the tab below.

    "...Daugherty respectfully submits that the process and proof under the Georgia election contest statute is not complicated at all.  The process is designed to foster a transparent and accountable post-election review of the votes and of the conduct of election officials.  This will stand or fall on the facts, not the expertise of counsel on other laws that may be complicated."

    "PC has a remarkable history of creating "complications" where none exist...objection includes PC's demonstrated, questionable behavior in this and other cases.

    "Contestant respectfully submits that the Movants have a history of ethically dubious behavior that unreasonably burdens the proceedings and opposing counsel."

    The response then excoriates the head of PC's Poltical Law group as seen below.  

    A hearing in Henry County, GA in this case on July 19th, may produce a ruling on the pro hac vice request for PC.



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