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    Rand Paul: Fauci Science Declaration ‘Conjures Up Images Of The Medieval Church’

    November 30, 2021
    Rand Paul: Fauci Science Declaration ‘Conjures Up Images Of The Medieval Church’
    Image by Bluerasberry

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    One of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci’s targets during his media appearances throughout the weekend was Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who has been a critic of Fauci and his willingness to shrug off individual rights and liberties.

    Paul likened Fauci’s declaration that he represented science on Sunday to the medieval church during an appearance on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime” on Monday.

    “You know, when a government bureaucrat has the audacity, the arrogance, to say they represent all of science, we should be running the other way,” he said. “And it conjures up images of the medieval church, in their repression of science. Science has nothing to do with having obedience to any kind of government dogma. And you have to realize that most of what Fauci talks about isn’t science. He’s not talking about a study on this or a study of that. He’s talking about wear a mask. But when you talk about the peer-reviewed studies of masks, there was one done in Denmark showed that it didn’t work...”

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    Fraud-ci: The Arbiter of All Things Science. (It used to be Bill Nye.)


    There are only 2 kinds of people in this world.
    One kind is evolving higher into the image of God and does the will of God, has a conscience, empathy, compassion, mercy and forgiveness and loves others as he loves himself. They are one their way to Heaven after death, they have souls from God=created by God, a higher self that LOVES, is truthful and desires to live in peace with others helping them as much as they can.
    The other kind is like Fauci, headed to Hell when they die, they have EGO=a part of delusion that Lucifer creates for them that tells them they are superior to God. They are psychopaths with no conscience. They are sadistic and enjoy inflicting pain and misery on others. They have no souls and are envious of all who do have souls. They want to destroy souls because they know there is something valuable in a soul, that they will never know or comprehend=ot is the ability to LOVE, Love is evolution, the greater your capacity to Love, the more evolved you are. They are devolving into demonic entities of Hell and have no idea what love is, it does not exist in their comprehension, it is an unknown element they can never grasp the meaning of. They see all life around them as inferior and therefore subject to their will, slaves, subjects to torture and humiliate. They Lie all the time. They believe that evil is good and good is evil. They are devolving into the image and likeness of their God, Lucifer who is all that God is not, the destroyer of life, with no creative power, even the lies they make up just serve to destroy the truth. They want to dominate and control and be dictators, masters over slaves they HATE. They are all hate and fear and totally irrational and perverse. They will never admit they are evil. They take the greatest pride in knowing that they are evil. They actually want to be in Hell for all eternity. They are going there and would not have it any other way. They are all S&M enthusiasts, sadism and masochism is all they want to do, it is what happens in Hell all the time for eternity. They can only do evil and fake and con and deceive people into thinking the evil they do is good. They accept torture as something to worship, they do it as a satanic ritual, to give themselves power=the power to become even more evil, to become more like Lucifer.
    Christians and all people who worship God, are here and now to choose, to evolve into the image and likeness of those who reside in Heaven, order the opposite like Fauci.
    If you are with God, angels protect and Guide you, they lead you to evolve higher=they feed you life-giving energy. The more truthful you are, the more sane and good you are to all people and life around you.
    If you are a torturing monster egocentric sadist psychopath pathological liar and destroyer of all life around you, you emit life-killing energy and everything around you dies and turns rotten and ugly.
    You turn rotten and ugly and insane, the more you lie, the more insane you become.
    Fauci is completely insane, criminally insane. He is the epitome of evil.
    He is a menace to society, a parasite and con artist a liar and genocidal maniac, if our government accepts him and believes him then America will be totally destroyed.
    When you capitulate with the devil, it is over, you have lost your soul. America has lost its connection to God, it has no future. By February 2022, you will see, it happen= the end of America


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