• Not Only Is GA Gov Brian Kemp Corrupt, He Is A Liar

    December 1, 2020
    Governor Kemp - Cleanse Your Soul
    A screen capture taken from a Brian Kemp for Governor campaign ad, entitled “Jake”
    Image by Betatype

    In a stunning piece of falsehood and disinformation, 'Team Kemp' in Georgia has sent out emails to supporters, and most importantly - donors, claiming his administration has worked 'around the clock' to ensure every legal vote counted in Georgia. What a liar.

    Was he working 'round the clock' when he prevented GOP observers from effectively monitoring the recount by placing only 1 observer per ten counting tables?

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    Was he working 'round the clock' when making backroom deals for Stacey Abrams to steal the election, keeping the GA legislature in the dark?

    Was he working 'round the clock' when the Fulton County vote servers were wiped?

    Was he working 'round the clock' to certify the vote before all the fraud has been uncovered?

    A GA voter sent this email in reply to Kemp's email, reading in part:

    I wished I believed a single word you wrote below.  You have abandoned not only Georgians, but Americans as whole.  I read the injunction in full.  Every page.  I understand that the State of Georgia is defending the erasure of the Dominion machines on the basis it will expose proprietary information about their machines.  Their propriety information?  How about our Constitutional rights?

    A statistical analysis [has been conducted] of the improbability of 4 vote dumps that changed the outcome in 4 states, including Georgia.  

    These 4 dumps were so far outside of the normal pattern that they cannot be written off as anomalies.  There is clear evidence of tampering.  You cannot ignore such analysis as biased.  Math is empirical.

    This is an embarrassment to our state.  We cannot let this stand.  There must be a clear investigation of what happened at those times.  I am certain this is video evidence, if it hasn’t been erased, as well as physical paper ballots than can be analyzed.  The future of our state and the Republic is in your hands. 

    No reply from 'Team Kemp' so far to the email above, he's probably working hard 'round the clock' to betray the nation.

    But don't worry our Georgian friends, Team Kemp wants you to keep chopping...hilarious, if it wasn't so sick and twisted.

    Brian Kemp's political career should be over yesterday. And, he should be investigated from corruption and election fraud.

    Not Only Is GA Gov Brian Kemp Corrupt, He Is A Liar
    Not Only Is GA Gov Brian Kemp Corrupt, He Is A Liar
    Not Only Is GA Gov Brian Kemp Corrupt, He Is A Liar
    Not Only Is GA Gov Brian Kemp Corrupt, He Is A Liar
    Not Only Is GA Gov Brian Kemp Corrupt, He Is A Liar


    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Was thinking of moving to Georgia, not now.

    Andrea Ostrov Letania

    Kickback Kemp


    100% Liar


    Forget voting for Kemp.

    Jersey Prophet

    The runoff in January will be another fraud wipeout giving the Senate to the Dems, and with it, the constitutional republic formerly known as the USA - the last beacon of freedom on Earth. Kemp's governor, Stacy Abrams, must be smiling ear to ear.

    Why the appeasement to that woman? Is Kemp feeling guilty he beat a woman? Or did she extort him with some secret she has on him?


    Lin Wood just said CHINA owns the dominion mach8nes as of October....this is going deep!

    Earnest Bream

    While Secretary of State, Kemp threw a member of his IT department under the bus for information that had been released "accidentally". The man won't take responsibility for anything that happens under his watch, and he sure as hell won't get my vote when he comes up for re-election.

    rickey ricardo

    What is the President waiting for? The courts can’t & won’t save us. The best judical outcome possible would be for the SCOTUS to declare it an illegal election & therefore invalid. It then gets sent to Congress where the GOP will be certain to betray the President & us & the republic, still again. A blind man can see that much. See the GOP officals, legislatures, governors & secretaries of state. The only plausible course of action left is the executive assumption of emergency powers under a declaration of national emergency, i.e. martial law to rebuff an attempted international coup.

    Immediate confiscation of all dominion voting systems & software systems as well as mass arrests & detention across the media & big tech industries, Wall Street’s financial industry & election officials. Take control of network & cable broadcasting stations across the nation. There are only two possible options:

    1) Cede the republic to Biden/Sanders Democrats/Soros & alt left Progressives/Wall Street titans & Silicone Valley Big Tech Masters of the Universe/China supremacy/dominance. Or

    2) Take charge. Issue an alert to a national state of emergency due to an international plot & attempted coup to take over America.

    The nation would prefer President Trump in a third world general’s uniform with a mustache & riding crop under his arm as opposed to Biden, the globalist cabal & their Chinese partners. Th President has the unconditional support of a very large majority of the American people, if he will only act. If he will only mobilize them. Rip this class of ruling elites right out of their offices for detention under suspicion of treason. Suspend temporarily, all civil liberties under martial law. Seize control of all media outlets, network & cable broadcasting. Consolidate complete control over all communications & then address the nation.

    I say again, there are only two possible options. It’s either President Trump, or them. The people want President Trump. Can and will the President step up to the historic challenge, or will he allow them to steal the election, the republic and his presidency? Why doesn’t he act? We, the people who supported and followed him are desperate.

    Jim Moore

    Yes yes yes. A thousand times

    Jim Moore

    Yes yes yes. A thousand times yes.. Timing is the key

    jr. pettit

    HIS NOT POSSIBLE? AT THE VERY LEAST , we MUST NEVER VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN, IF WE CAN GET THIS IILLEGAL voting sorted out.. This secritary of state must go also.

    jr pettit

    The people who have commited this mess neds to go to prison, we must insist on it. Laws were broken, jail time is required.

    Daniel ONeil

    LOCK AND LOAD-----Patriots

    Richard Stacy

    If the SCOTUS doesn't act favorably to provide immediate remedy TX's+17 other States' complaint by directing the 50 State Legislatures to elect the President on Jan 6 then Trump's oath of office that requires him to defend the Constitution requires him to declare martial law, overthrow the SCOTUS, and conduct a new fair election with names and identities on paper-only people-not-machine-generated ballots overseen by the military and certified by the military. I do not see how it could not include all the General Election issues, namely Senate and House re-do as well.


    POTUS and the US Military ARE taking action on these criminals. The Military Tribunals started over two years ago, and have been taking care of business very efficiently. Many prison sentences, and many executions already done, plus lots more to go. Just because you don't see them on the 6 o'clock News doesn't mean nothing is happening.

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