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    The Plan Was Always To Screw Up The Country As Much As Possible And Blame It On Biden -- But Don't Worry, The Globalist 'Savior' Is Coming

    July 21, 2022
    Image by DonkeyHotey

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    Today we learned Joe Biden has Covid-19.

    We don't know if this will be the catalyst, but it's a sure bet Kamala is measuring the drapes.

    Joe Biden can't last much longer.

    He was installed with no campaigning via an illegitimate election and has no mandate to govern. He is incapable of governing.

    But, that's okay for Barack Obama and the minions pulling the puppet strings behind the scenes. Joe Biden was always just a figurehead while Obama worked his third term. Hussein didn't move too slow this time. He did everything he could to destroy our nation in two years. Biden is just the scapegoat.

    Now Biden has outlived his usefulness, as the elections approach, and the American public's wrath is coming with a vengeance against the cabal.

    So the bait and switch will happen sooner or later. Probably sooner.

    I can hear the 'prog' campaign ads now -- Biden didn't do enough!

    The globalist 'savior' is coming.

    Or, is he/she/they the Antichrist?

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    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    A Call for Honesty

    From bad to worse?
    Harris holding the hand of the Mad Magazine Kid?

    Fedup American

    It's going to be Gruesome Newsom b


    Yep, the liberals just have to figure out how to get her out first. Joe would have been gone months ago but she is what they have to replace him. Once they have figured out how to get her out GN will be president and oh man, he is like that idiot up north, maybe worse.

    I bet if Joe did get it, it wasn't natural. It was done on purpose. It's hard to get rid of a president who doesn't want to go, and you know Jill isn't going away nicely. They would rather Joe die of covid than to be force to go after his and family's corruption.


    Kamala will resign after receiving a ridiculous 10 contract for $20 million A year and a golden parachute deal. Then Joe picks Newsome as his VP. Then Joe resigns due to his dementia. Newsome picks Michelle Obama or Stacy Abrams.


    It has always been obvious that everyone in this administration was hired for their incompetence. They are all acting as the buffoons they are, and they don't care about the ridicule as long as they have the position of power and the wealth that comes with it. they It is working exactly as planned.

    Alan C.

    If you get sick, it means that the boosters are working

    Cavity Man



    [in greta voice] "how dare you" question the ministry of truth the "delusional, socialist, new world order, fascist/commie, utopiast democrat - rino - uniparty propaganda, lies, & doublespeak?... all i see nonstop is the gaslighting by the media, it's what banana republics do... in the book "1984" the fascist/commie democrat - rino - uniparty playbook big brother is now supplanted by the big brother[s] ministry of truth – giggle, fascistbook, shitter, boobtube, wokeipedia, snoopys & the msm etc...

    Cavity Man

    Climate cnut


    The anti-Christ of scripture is the Vatican. Don’t believe me ? Will you believe Martin Luther ? Calvin ? Huss? Jerome? Tyndall ? Wycliffe ? Williams? Every single founding father of the reformation ?
    Then go read what they wrote of the ‘ anti-Christ of Revelation ‘ online … and then believe.


    The antichrist is not the Vatican, that’s ridiculous. The antichrist is Apollyon in the New Testament aka Azazel in the old. He was the original chief in Eden who deceived Adam and Eve, not “satan.” He is currently locked up inside the earth for 70 generations, and at the end of his prison term, he is released, hence Rev 9 and he destroys for 7 years, then is defeated by Christ.

    The mark is his DNA being forced upon the few humans that are left alive after the multiple extinction level events of the 6th Seal, and Trumps 1-6. The mark creates Babylon the great. The antichrist kill ALL who refuse the mark, thus everyone alive after the mark is set up is a harlot aka worshiper of false gods.

    The false christs are the 200 rebel angels who are also locked up for 70 generations.

    “Satan” aka mastema replaced Azazel as the chief of Eden, but he eventually rebelled around the time of the fall of Tyre (600 BC), and he and his platoon where kicked out of Eden.

    The great mistake of Christianity is that they take translations at face value, rather than dissecting the Word as good workman, like Timothy tells us to.


    That's actually a story that should be told.


    Apollyon is the angel in charge of the locusts of the Abyss. He can't be the antichrist.


    The antichrist is one literal man. He's called the man of lawlessness and the man of sin. He won't be revealed until after the Rapture. The antichrist has to sign a seven year peace treaty with Israel. That starts the Great Tribulation.

    Daniel 9:27 And he will confirm a covenant with many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And on the wing of the temple will come the abomination that causes desolation, until the decreed destruction is poured out upon him.

    Gale Storm

    so who is the globalist savior?


    The mentally retarded man is doing Trumps dirty work.

    K.A. Davison

    L Todd Wood has hit the target. Very early on, I am sure, Obama saw his patsy and formulated his plans with Rice, et.al. "We'll pin it on the old white guy." Watch out America, some extraordinarily immoral . . . like Obama . . . slick-talking, smoothie is in the wings. It is so obvious that Biden cannot keep them in power, without martial law and a fist-handed dictatorship that is not a predictor of success.

    Kathy Dickson

    Yes, and who is behind Obama? I do agree, this way Biden can take the blame....


    There are many anti-Christ people. Wouldn't you say that a Bible burner is an anti-Christ? I would. But I believe that there is THE Anti-Christ that is coming and who everybody is referring to.
    This article makes sense...Obiden is a patsy for the Globalists.


    Mike Obama


    Obama is finishing the job he started when he was installed in 2009. Hillary was supposed to be the after Obama cover president and "finisher" of the takeover from the inside of America's government and her military by her enemies, and the takeover occurred at the moment Obama was sworn-in. Trump defeating Hillary interrupted the plan and panicked both parties, but they are still in control with the puppet Biden......and yes, they need a replacement for Biden quickly......


    I am certain that many Democrats signed on to this scheme only as a way to hurt DJT. More, those Democrats thought it meant that the DNC would be running the presidency. They did not realize that the hidden puppeteers of globalism would actually be pulling everyone's strings.

    The Stranger...

    Haven't you read where the Holy Spirit told the Apostle Paul that the man of sin, the Antichrist, can't be revealed until he that restrains the Antichrist be removed out of the way?
    At this point, those men of God you mentioned were still looking through a dark glass. That's why they accused a mere religion of being a man. Which today, we all know that's impossible.

    The man of sin, the Antichrist is one who will rule most of the world as a man, only to die of a head wound at which time satan steps into his body. I don't think your heroes ever thought of that before...

    No offense meant.

    Mark staples

    You are right on bro. Thank you and God Bless for your comment. Bro. Mark from Arkansas


    Once again you take the English translation at face value, thus you fall for a false doctrine that the antichrist is a man. When you dissect the Word, like Timothy commands us to do as good workman, you will find out that the “man” of sin is not a man, but one who has the “eyes of a man.” Which harkens back to Daniel 7, Scripture confirms Scripture. The antichrist is not a man, it is Apollyon of Rev 9.

    The “restrainer” is the prison IT is currently being held in within the earth, thus the restraint is removed in Rev 9 when the angel is give the key to open the door of the prison.


    Once again you take the English translation at face value, thus you fall for a false doctrine that the antichrist is a man. When you dissect the Word, like Timothy commands us to do as good workman, you will find out that the “man” of sin is not a man, but one who has the “eyes of a man.” Which harkens back to Daniel 7, Scripture confirms Scripture. The antichrist is not a man, it is the “angel of the abyss” of Rev 9.

    The “restrainer” is the prison IT is currently being held in within the earth, thus the restraint is removed in Rev 9 when the angel is give the key to open the door of the prison.

    Hormel Chavez

    Forget Kamala....the groomed is Gavin Newsom.


    We can only hope. Nationally he doesn't have a prayer.


    Biden didn't have a chance either..thus the blatant fraud. Any Dem that ever holds ANY office again is most likely to be installed via fraud.

    Shemp Hawking

    OK. So it's clear Brandon will soon be toast - but there is no "saviour" in the Democrat party. Not one of those diabolical scumbags can or will do anything to save the country.

    The stooge resigns, gets dumped, or gets impeached, another Democrat globalist puppet will be installed and will rule by decree. The gutless Republicans will do nothing.

    America is over folks. There is no justice, and freedom is a joke (1st, 2nd, and 4rth Amendment rights are routinely violated with impunity). Other than the second coming of Christ, we're done.

    The Prisoner

    Biden is not just a scapegoat, he holds the office.


    God knows all. God knows what barry does and thinks. And what is in barry's heart. God is allowing this all to happen for reasons we do not know. I am glad I am not barry. A little w'brdng of him would get us the answers we all seek.


    The intention was never to save the United States; it was to destroy it. We as an armed, sovereign nation stand in the way of the globalists' plans for a world tyranny--er, government. Once we're a fully-controlled and unarmed population ruled by an unbreakable police state, we will be merged into the New World Order with no problem.

    Watch for things to get so bad that the only source for food, water and healthcare will be through a global organization--which will require your code on your arm or forehead in order to give you aid. That will be the Mark of the Beast, and this great humanitarian organization will be run by a man everyone will know, love and adore for all his good works in putting our civilization back together again--the Antichrist. He will perform miracles and claim to be the returning Jesus Christ when he moves into the rebuilt Jewish temple and demands everyone worship him. Better stand against him and NOT get your code--hard to do with sick and starving kids at home. Better to be martyred in Christ than to live and to worship the antichrist!

    Mark staples

    Thank you for your very scriptural comment. I do not plan on being here as I believe in the blessed phoe of titus:2:13 but nevertheless it will be bad. Stay diligent my friend.


    NO!, the mark of the beast is a symbol, number, or sign pledging allegiance to The Beast ~ Anti-Christ. Is there an Anti-Christ? NO! Is there a beast? NO! Has the Rapture occurred? NO! Are we in the "great" tribulation? NO! Are there "Three Angels flying" around the planet warning people not to take the mark? NO NO AND NO! Go learn your Bible if you're going to preach from it!!!!!!!!!!!! Globalism is prophesized in the Bible, what we're seeing is prophecy signs showing us that the end of days is absolute and coming ~ and God's word is true. Globalism cannot be stopped because it is God's will.....


    Ha! Very well could be...Michael has a new book coming out soon too - coincidence?


    Obama is NOT "running the show". He is also but a puppet. The puppeteers are behind the scene and never identified by the complicit Communist Media.

    dignle dong

    We'll probably find out in just a few more short weeks from now.


    If only Corn Pop and the homies would show up.

    Dave Huff

    They better come armed.....


    spot on assessment. but remember that obama himself is just an intermediate handler. what winning potus candidate gives a victory speech in berlin? someone who owes powers not of this country


    He was "installed with no campaigning.." TREASON!! I demand HANGINGS!

    Justin Justice

    My guess - whomever Harris appoints as vp once she is sworn in as prez after brandon resigns is the real operative for the wef, opensocietysoros, uniparty, etc. Harris resigns and vp operative becomes prez operative. The prez operative would not have had to run for office ever. The newworldorder now has authority and control. Easy-peasy.


    Yea, what's to stop her from appointing Soros?


    We all know Supreme Moron gaffing biteme deserves substantial credit for the terrible condition of our nation, but please don't forget to give proper credit to comradegrandmuftihusseinobama, who is actually running the show, and let's give credit to susan rice, the conduit. Ole biteme is a known quantity.... he was the buffoon of the US Senate for over 100 years, without a single original thought to his credit. Ole comrade is intent on destroying America, and biteme and rice are willing accomplices.


    Stop saying Obama is behind anything, he's as dumb as Biden.


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