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    Foreign Election Interference #5: Consistent Concern In US Media Throughout 2018

    January 1, 2021
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    United States Media: Consistent Concern About Foreign Election Interference  Throughout 2018

    CDMedia has been releasing information from a well-placed White House source on foreign interference in the U.S. general election on Nov 3rd. This is the 5th article in that process.

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    The United States media has been raising the red flag about foreign interference in the 2020 election for years, with specific examples of vulnerabilities, and input from major players. Concerted messaging like explored below is used both for propaganda purposes (ie: to use to the advantage of dark power players should their desired election result not be acquired) and also because of valid concerns surrounding election infrastructure. Concerns include but are not limited to, machines not certifying to standards, voting lists being outdated or foreign actors gaining control of the lists, machines, and tabulators vulnerable to hacking, and the decentralized nature of election infrastructure and systems leading to inappropriate management and protection by local officials thereby encouraging vulnerabilities.

    Interestingly in 2019, Chris Krebs had a different opinion about the security of election related equipment. This quote appeared in an article about an alleged Iranian attempt to hack the campaign of President Trump:


    Think tanks and NGO’s have done many studies on election vulnerability, coupling with the media to disperse the results of their work. The Brennan Center has done extensive work on election vulnerability. In one of their studies, they cite an AP report from 2018 about election vulnerabilities. Their detailed assessment cites dozens of media reports outlining just how vulnerable our election system is to hacking by foreign actors. The reporting follows a trend – nearly every article written about elections since 2016 has included language about the potential for cyber intrusion. The examples are endless and look generally like this:

    Hundreds more examples are available by request- all are the same in tonality- all express serious concern about foreign actors penetrating the voting machines in various states across the country. Anyone asserting this was not a concern heading into the 2020 election is not being truthful.

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